Alabama Surface Mining Commission



Submit comments and requests for informal conference within 60 days of the indicated “Filed” date to: Please reference the Permit Number in the Subject Line.


New Permit Applications on File with ASMC   


P3960 Cedar Lake Mining Inc, Bull Gap Mine- Blount County

(Filed 8/9/2011)(Updated 10/9/2012)


P3973 Global Met Coal Corporation, Black Creek Mine- Jefferson County

(Filed 12/12/2012)(Updated 1/30/2013)


P3975 TTJ LLC, Berry Mountain Fines Recovery Operation- Blount County

(Filed 4/10/2013)(Updated 7/10/2013)


P3984 Red Mesa Energy LLC, Bledsoe Mine- Jackson County

(Filed 7/6/2015)(Updated 9/18/2017)


P3988 Jesse Creek Mining LLC, Gurnee Mine No. 2- Shelby County

(Filed 9/23/2015)


P3989 Jesse Creek Mining LLC, Marvel Mine- Bibb & Shelby County

(Filed 8/17/2017)


P3990 Best Coal Inc, Narley Mine No. 3- Jefferson County

(Filed 9/28/2017)


Significant Permit Revision Applications on File with ASMC      


P3222 Revision R-39, Seminole Coal Resources LLC, North River Mine 1- Fayette County

(Filed 10/5/2016)


P3232 Revision R-46, Oak Grove Resources Inc, Oak Grove Mine- Jefferson County

(Filed 8/9/2016)


P3233 Revision R-27, Oak Grove Resources Inc, Concord Prep Plant- Jefferson County

(Filed 10/5/2016)


P3799 Revision R-20, Cedar Lake Mining Inc, Choctaw Mine- Walker County

(Filed 8/30/2017)


P3888 Revision R-9, Birmingham Coal and Coke Co. Inc, Old Union Mine- Winston County

(Filed 1/6/2014)(Updated 10/25/2017)


P3919 Revision R-4, Prospect Mining and Development, Carbon Hill Mine- Walker County

(Filed 8/29/2017)


P3974 Revision R-6, Cedar Lake Mining Inc, Robbins Road Mine- Walker County

(Filed 11/6/2017)


P3985 Revision R-6, Jesse Creek Mining LLC, Murray Creek Mine- Shelby County

(Filed 10/13/2017)


Permit Renewal Applications on File with ASMC


P3198 Drummond Co., Inc, Sayre Prep Plant- Jefferson County

(Filed 10/23/2017)


P3200 Drummond Co., Inc, Short Creek Prep Plant- Jefferson County

(Filed 10/23/2017)


P3202 Drummond Co., Inc, Arkadelphia Prep Plant- Cullman County

(Filed 9/13/2017)


P3232 Oak Grove Resources LLC, Oak Grove Mine- Jefferson County

(Filed 10/6/2017)


P3233 Oak Grove Resources LLC, Concord Prep Plant- Jefferson County

(Filed 10/26/2017)


P3247 Warrior Met Coal Mining LLC, Mine No 7- Tuscaloosa County

(Filed 10/26/2017)


P3251 Drummond Co., Inc, Knob Mine- Jefferson County

(Filed 10/23/2017)


P3256 Warrior Met Coal Mining LLC, Jim Walter No 5- Tuscaloosa County

(Filed 10/26/2017)


P3260 Warrior Met Coal Mining LLC, Mine No 4- Tuscaloosa County

(Filed 10/26/2017)


P3833 Centennial Natural Resources LLC, South “F” Mine- Walker County

(Filed 8/29/2017)


P3899 Job Land & Mineral Inc, Meredyth Mine- Winston County

(Filed 10/26/2017)


P3908 Alabama Carbon LLC, Poore Mine- Dekalb County

(File 6/30/2014)


P3962 Birmingham Coal and Coke Co, Old Union #2- Winston County

(Filed 5/10/2017)


P3965 Cahaba Resources LLC, Weller Mine- Jefferson County

(Filed 8/8/2017)


P3966 Southland Resources Inc, Searles Mine No. 8- Tuscaloosa County

(Filed 8/23/2017)


Permit Transfer Applications on File with ASMC


P3893 Centennial Natural Resources LLC, Buttahatchee Mine No 1 Transfer to Yellowhammer Energy Solutions, LLC- Marion County

Filed (10/2/2017)


P3897 Centennial Natural Resources LLC, Crescent Valley Mine Transfer to Job Land & Mineral, Inc- Walker County

Filed (9/11/2017)


Exemptions on File with ASMC


E-0055 Cordova Clay Company Inc, Riceton No. 3 Clay Mine- Walker County

(Filed 5/31/2016)(Updated 9/6/2016)


E-0056 Lost Creek Clay & Mineral LLC, Rocky Branch Pit- Walker County

(Filed 8/18/2016)(Updtaed 9/15/2016)


E-0057 Bunn Brothers Materials Inc- Marion County Rock- Marion County

(Filed 11/7/2016)(Updated 12/13/2016)