Alabama Surface Mining Commission


Permit Decisions Issued By ASMC


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P3233 Revision R-20, Oak Grove Resources LLC, Concord Prep Plant- Jefferson County

(Issued 5/5/2015) Permit Revision File


P3233 Revision R-21, Oak Grove Resources Inc, Concord Prep Plant- Jefferson County

(Issued 8/28/2015) Permit Revision File


P3247 Revision R-33, Jim Walter Resources LLC, No. 7 Mine- Tuscaloosa County

(Issued 4/14/2015) Permit Revision File


P3666 Revision R-29, Drummond Company Inc, Shoal Creek Mine- Jefferson County

(Issued 7/1/2015) Permit Revision File


P3731 Revision R-23, Warrior Investment Co Inc, Corinth Mine- Walker County

(Issued 8/4/2015) Permit Revision File


P3765 C & H Mining Company Inc, Lindbergh Mine #2- Transfer to Centennial Resources LLC- Jefferson County

(Issued 7/21/2015) Permit Transfer File


P3831 Revision R-10, Birmingham Coal & Coke Co. Inc, Bear Creek Mine- Franklin County

(Issued 4/1/2015) Permit Revision File


P3852 Tuscaloosa Resources Inc, East Brookwood Mine- Transfer to Jim Walter Resources, Inc- Tuscaloosa County

(Issued 4/17/2015) Permit Transfer File


P3878 Revision R-10, Birmingham Coal and Coke Co. Inc, Gooden Creek Mine- Walker County

(Withdrawn 3/17/2015) Permit Revision File


P3882 Walter Minerals Inc, Flat Top Mine- Transfer to Cane Creek LLC- Jefferson County

(Issued 4/22/2015) Permit Transfer File


P3887 Revision R-6, Kodiak Mining Company LLC, Coke Mine No. 1- Shelby County

(Issued 3/3/2015) Permit Revision File


P3906 Walter Minerals Inc, Highway 59 Mine No 1- Transfer to Jim Walter Resources Inc- Tuscaloosa County

(Issued 1/20/2015) Permit Transfer File


P3933 RAC Mining LLC, Powhatan Mine No. 2- Jefferson County

(Issued 2/13/2015) Permit Renewal File


P3936 Reed Minerals Inc, Kansas Mine No. 2- Walker County

(Issued 5/1/2015) Permit Renewal File


P3940 Yeshic LLC, Yeshic Mine #2- Shelby County

(Issued 6/3/2015) Permit Renewal File


P3941 Warrior Investment Co Inc, Maxine Pratt Mine- Jefferson County

(Issued 4/8/2015) Permit Renewal File


P3943 Tacoa Minerals LLC, Piper Mine- Bibb County

(Issued 6/3/2015) Permit Renewal File


P3972 Revision R-3, North Pratt Mining LLC, Pratt No. 1 Mine- Jefferson County

(Issued 1/13/2015) Permit Revision File


P3974 Taft Coal Sales & Assoc., Inc, Robbins Road Mine- Walker County

(Issued 5/13/2015) Permit Application File


P3979 Revision R-1, Birmingham Coal and Coke Inc, Gooden Creek Mine #2- Marion, Walker, and Winston Counties

(Issued 7/23/2015) Permit Revision File


P3982 Alden Resources LLC, Kimberly Mine- Jefferson County

(Issued 8/4/2015) Permit Application File